What were all about

Food has always been a part of my life and without knowing, has lead me down a path meaning. I cooked in restaurants for over 16 years when I needed to take a break. Something was missing, something of my own.

I Took a few years off to experiment with techniques, flavors and pushing myself to let no recipe or dish scare me. I wanted to get back to the joy of cooking, the joy of great food and how it makes you feel. How a Scallop Crudo done right, gives me feelings of summer time in the park on the swings as a child, or how a fresh slice of Prosciutto makes me think of my grandma’s farm on summer vacation.  

I needed to create something that was mine, something I could pass on to everyone. In my time experimenting I came across my love for creating Salumi. There was something about fermentation of meat over time, that brought me back to the prime basics of cooking and survival. I felt purpose for the first time; what great food does for my emotions, creating salumi was doing for my soul.  

So i set out on a new journey. I decided to use only the best ingredients I can find, from all my local pork to Hungarian paprika from Hungary. I don’t want to play games, I want to stand out and be honest with my customers. All it takes is fresh high-quality ingredients and love, something that chain restaurants and mass-produced salami company’s don't give you.  

I am truly proud of the work I’m doing and am very excited for you to see what Salumi should taste like.